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Driveway & Sidewalks

Your driveway is the 1st thing people see when approaching your home. A pressure cleaned driveway can breathe new life into your home's exterior.

Decks & Patios

Whether its months or years of buildup, our pressure washing pros can bring your deck, patio & fence back to life so you can enjoy your outdoor living areas.

Exterior House Washing

Dirty siding due to pollen, mildew, and mold can quickly turn your home into an eyesore. If it's time to have your home exterior professionally cleaned, call us!

Parking Lots & Walkways

Whether you need a parking lot power washed or walkways cleaned, Squeaky Clean Pressure Washing has you covered.

Storefronts & Buildings

The condition of your commercial property speaks volumes to your customers. Keep it "squeaky clean" with a positive 1st impression.

HOA & Property Mgmt

Keep your property looking it's best all year long by pressure cleaning entrance signs, common areas, clubhouses, pool areas & parking lots.


Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost?

    For residential pressure washing projects... driveways start at $150, patio & deck cleaning starts at $125, exterior house washing starts at $300. If we're doing more than one thing, we can bundle our services together and offer you an all-in-one discounted price.

    For more info on Residential or Commercial Projects, call Squeak Clean Pressure Washing for a Free Quote! (904) 203-5740

  • How Often Do Most Surfaces Need to be Pressure Washed?

    For the majority of surfaces, an annual power washing should do the trick. Here in Florida, where we experience lots of heat & humidity, mold and fungus grows pretty quickly. So, sometimes it's necessary to power wash driveways, decks, patios multiple times throughout the year.

  • Can I Pressure Wash My Own Stuff?

    The short answer is... Yes, of course! But keep reading to understand why you might want to consider hiring Squeaky Clean to help you take care of pressure washing your stuff.

    While pressure washing can be viewed as a do-it-yourself project, there is a clear distinction between a DIY crew and professional services. This means you get greater capability of equipment and greater expertise by having trained pressure washing technicians do it for you.

    A do-it-yourself washer may set the pressure too high for the surface or hold the nozzle too close. This can result in chipped painting, damaged screens, and ruined siding. And though most pressure washing equipment you can rent has the same PSI as commercial-grade tools, it holds a minimal amount of water—making this project take days, not hours.

    Do yourself a favor, and call Squeak Clean Pressure Washing for a Free Quote! (904) 203-5740

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